Made with Xara © A Sign of Excellence 2012 5 year guarantee - Every non- temporary sign we make utilizes the highest quality components and manufacturing. If you have a problem with your sign, we will make it right. “We create signs and displays that evoke emotions and inspire action....”          Sue Cosnoski President A Sign of Excellence is dedicated to creating elegant, sophisticated signs that are an extension of your brand & communicate with your customer. Visually Communicate!!! Share Your Vision Providing Innovative Solutions Since 1995 People judge a book by the cover - Your Signs Make Your First Impression Original designs - Your business is unique. Make sure your sign is too. We never use stock templates and always create fresh designs that will help you stand out from the competition. A Sign of Excellence is a full service design shop that specializes in visually communicating your brand promise. We focus on high quality products that stand out like a purple cow. We have been family owned since 1995 and are SBA/WBE Certified. Let us bid for your upcoming design and sign-age needs. Our designers work with you to get a look and feel that is an extension of your business’s personality. Color Psychology, Font Meaning, Viewing Distance, and Message/Brand Alignment are all considered when we make a suggestion. Let our experts enhance your communication. Call, fax, or email today for a free bid. Phone/fax 732-264-0404. Email:   What is your firm’s Body Language? - Are your images, shapes, fonts, and colors sending the wrong message? Let us analyze your store front, trade show, vehicle, and POP advertising so you get noticed by the more people. 732-264-0404 PHONE/FAX