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Digitally Pirinted Material: We accept PC files and Mac® saved to PC compatability. We can work with almost any software and we can recreate any artwork. To ensure the highest quality output, save your images atleast 100dpi (dots per inch) at the finished size. For prints, we prefer .jpg, .pdf, or .eps but can handle .bmp, .tif, and .gif. Save photographic images at 100% of the actual size (when possible) and at the original resolution of your files.Please embed linked images into the file, when possible or email images as well. Cut Graphics and Letters: Files for vinyl output need to contain a Vector image of your sign and/or logo. This means your text and graphics are outlined. Some programs offer an option to save or export text as vectors, curves, paths or outlines. For cut vinyl jobs, vector files we prefer are .cdr, .ai, .pdf and .eps but we can handle .dxf. Convert all fonts to curves or paths to avoid possible font substitution. This rule goes for all types of files. We accept .ttf font files if you would like us to create with a specific font. Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, and QuarkXPress:  We recommend working and saving in CMYK color mode to maintain accurate color. Printed color ALWAYS looks different from your screen - paper print to get a more accurate idea of the finished product. For vector files and convert the fonts to curves. If you are using Quark Xpress, please email all fonts and images used. If you are color matching, include Pantone Colors for your files, or provide a hard copy of the approximate colors desired. Web site graphics are almost always unusable but can be used to develop your idea.
Have artwork?
Feel free to send us a photo from a sign that caught your eye, a web link, a sketch, a fax, or anything else. Our designers can work with almost anything and create the sign that communicates what you are looking for. Need extensive artwork? No problem - we bill at $75 an hour and deliver top-notch results. Tell our staff your color scheme, prefered fonts, styalistic elements, brand elements and emotions you are looking to convey and we will develop something specific for you.
Have an IDEA?